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We help companies, innovators or investors to leverage new technologies, nurture innovations, deliver new products or services and accelerate return of investment.


We offer ideation, scouting, workshop, coaching, training, implementation of your projects and business development consulting, to streamline your ideas, to empower your teams, to faster your deliveries and to become more agile!


We are thrilled to develop individuals, to train teams, to help you become successful through the digitalization of your business, to choose technologies fitting your strategy. We want our work to support your people fulfilling customers’ needs in your markets.  Basically, Connecting Humans, Technology and Strategy!


Your innovation agency, specialized in Team Building, Agile Project Management, Process improvement, New Technologies and Business Development. We will help you to accelerate your innovation lifecycle and launch more and better new products or services!

At WE CAN LIVE on mars, we want our work being driven by a strong belief that any team with a vision, a plan, a willingness to deliver step by step and a lot of fun, can deliver merely the impossible. Therefore, we can live on mars… because we believe that everything’s possible!

Instead of telling you what we do well, see on the right, how people perceived us… and check our Projects Portfolio !

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"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you just about everywhere."

Albert Einstein


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Tstand – The Ultimate stand for your ipad or smart tablet

Tstand is a highly versatile tablet stand that lets you use your device hands-free and strain-free in an endless number of positions. With its patented reversible base and adjustable viewing angle, Tstand was designed with the idea in mind of creating the most ergonomic, portable, affordable and adjustable tablet stand. It can fit any sized tablet, be used anywhere by anyone, and new uses for the Tstand are found everyday.


Tstand, scary future, SciFi or something you expected for your tablet since long time?

Sliden’Joy – Home


Sliden’joy is the world’s first accessory tripling your laptop screen. Sliden’joy is available for all laptop sizes and brands. Extremely thin, strong, light and portable, connected with a single USB, it comes with a powerful and slim magnet that clips it instantly and easily.

Once your additional screens slided, simply turn them up to 180° to share what you see with people seating around the table.


Vestd is a collaboration platform that connects entrepreneurs to a network of experts to invest in each other.

Collaborate with people and startups you’re passionate about, inspired by and believe in. Vestd shares success by enabling businesses to pay with equity in return for expertise. You focus on making amazing things happen and we take care of the legal stuff in the background.


Motion AI – Build an Artificial Intelligence robot for anything!

If you can draw a flowchart, you can create Artificial Intelligence.


Motion AI is build to help make Artificial Intelligence accessible for anyone to create and deploy… something we felt was missing from the current landscape. Think of it as the UI for AI.

We like to say, if you can draw a flowchart, you can make Artificial Intelligence using Motion AI.

Droopy App. Simple, smart and fast files sharing tool.

Droopy app. The smarter and faster way to share files. Enpower your dropbox.


Droopy is a Mac app that let you share your files quickly with dropbox. Just drag and drop your files on the Droopy icon in the status bar. Droopy will upload your files in the cloud and will generate a link you can share anywhere.



Situ is the simple food scale that talks to your ipad. It weighs your food in calories and total nutrients, as well as in grams and ounces. That means situ gives you the precise calorie and nutrient content of what you’re about to eat.


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